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Horse Tales - by Mary Lu Dickinson

What a joy it was to grow up near the Curran Apple Orchard! I used to walk the long way home from Sunset Elementary School just to see the horses. Christopher and Brewster were often there to meet me. I would always secretly hope they were close by the fence so I could feed them apples. Mr. Curran always warned me that these horses were pure bred and they just might bite my little fingers off. It scared me a bit, but not enough to stop feeding them.

After marrying, Clay and I bought my family home on Ridge Road and the tradition continued. I would head down the hill with a bag of carrots to feed the horses. My children loved seeing those beautiful animals and Mr. and Mrs. Curran were always kind with us as we visited. The presence of the horses in our community added a calm peacefulness to our fast-moving suburban life. 

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